Thursday, September 20, 2007

We aren't going anywhere

We like our zoo -- the bears, deer, skunks, raccoons, squirrles, lizards, and especially the hummingbirds.

But we like to come inside and relax too.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New friends

Do you see both of these bandits?
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Monday, September 10, 2007


Chicco: I don't care if my soccer ball no longer has black spots and has huge gaping hole. It's my favorite toy and I'm keeping it!

Cello: What? There was only one toy in your suitcase for me Mom?
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Friday, September 07, 2007

Summer Camp

Today we went to interview and be interviewed by a new summer camp. Actually, it's in the desert, so it's an all-year round camp.

We got to run without leashes in a really big field, so we decided we liked it. Mom went inside to meet all of the other dogs, so we kept running around, which broke Mom's heart. I think she thought we would be devastated if she went inside for a minute without us. Then we had to be good and not bark at all of the other dogs so that they would take us.

We even were good with this big doggie, Chick. He weighs 203 pounds, which we think is even more than Mom. He reminds me of a deer, because she isn't particularly afraid of me either, but Mom said he's a bull mastiff.

What's really neat about this doggie camp is that we can bring our own bed and eat our own food. We're going to have playtime with other doggies while we're there. But, not as big as Chick!
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Backyard visitors

They are so silly, they don't even know that they should run when we bark at them!
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Papa' has an exam, and it's almost as boring to help him study as it was to help Mom study for the bar. What is wrong with my parents? Why don't they have fun things to study, like rawhide philosophy or squeaky toy metaphysics?
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The bone

Even though I let Chicco chew on my bone, he knows it's mine. Even when he licks his lips, he knows it's mine. See MY PAW on the bone? That means it's MINE!

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Very big doggies

Mom has also been hanging out with collies in Pennsylvania. She made friends with Diva (photos 1 and 4) and Harvey (photos 2 and 3).

Doesn't Harley look sweet and innocent in photo 3?

Diva and Harley's mom (photo 4) think they bark a lot, but she hasn't met us yet!
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Mom came across a pack of Bichons today

We know she misses us, but we thought she might be trying to replace us with some Bichons.

She told us not to worry, that these dogs are her friends' neighbors in Pennsylvania. Best of all, she said she'd be coming home soon.

Coconut, in Photo 2 was a recuse dog. He was recently adopted, so he is headed to live in a fancy place in Philadelphia soon.

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Saturday, September 01, 2007

A present fromt he ECG

My East Coast Grandmother sent me this present. It's a caterpillar that winds up, then slinks around. It makes a funny noise, so I wanted to kill it. Of course, Chicco was afraid of it. As much as a jock-dog as he is, he is a scaredy cat. Okay, it's true. I hide under the bed when fireworks come, and he doesn't. And I have issues with heights. But still, I'm not as wimpy as he would like you to think!

Back to my caterpillar. In a huge gesture of unfairness, Mom took it away from me. Something about it not being a dog toy and how it could break into tiny sharp parts.

But then why does Papa' get to play with it still?
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