Tuesday, January 24, 2006

After-Christmas Sale

Mom bought these little Christmas hats for us. Silly me, I thought it was a squeaky toy and was very excited. But then she put it on my head! I think my face says it all.

At least Papa' is normal. He enforces a no-clothes-on-dogs policy.
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Thursday, January 19, 2006


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Ecco una foto di noi tre! Posted by Picasa
guarda come si e' messo bello comodo la zio nicola

Si ma dove sono i miei regali?

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Va be', questo carciofino non mi vuole dare altri regali. Io mi piazzo sulla sua valigia cosi' ,appena se na' posso ispezionare... Posted by Picasa
Fammi vedere un po' meglio Posted by Picasa
magari ci sono latri regali per me! Posted by Picasa

E' arrivato zio Nicola

Marcello, come al solito, ha aggredido i regali che zio nicla ci ha portato Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 05, 2006

My two favorite ladies

...besides my ECG (East Coast Grandma), of course. Here's Mommie with her future daughter-in-law, Sofia. Sofia looks so sad because her daddy had heart surgery. Sofie, our Daddy did too and now he is better than ever. Plus, with his heart all fixed up, I think he loves me even more.

XO, Chicco
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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Our Japanese names

We took a test to learn our Japanese names...

Marcello is:
Your Japanese Name Is...
Kisho Matsudaira
and Chicco is:

Your Japanese Name Is...
Toshi Ito

Look Mom!

We are having so much fun while you're away!  Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Enough is enough!

Mommie has been hangoing out with Ava Lucia. Ave text messaged us to tell us that Mommie said that she goes well with her outfits. What does that mean???

If Mommie doesn't come home soon, we will have to go get her.
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This is not fair!

Mommie and Papa' left us at home and went to LA. Daddy is hanging out with Sofia (right) and Olivia (floor). Normally, we would be really jealous, but we are having a lot of fun with Yasubei!! Posted by Picasa